Transcendence is a concept that relates to the importance of our actions, in the way we do things as a communication agency.

None of our actions are inconsequential; all of them are transcendent, and create repercussions. Being transcendent is also synonymous with being up to date with trends and innovations in the sector, while being able to draw on our clients’ needs and go that extra mile. Applying this concept means that we can offer a wide range of communication options.                

In order to demonstrate how this concept ties in with MC Advertising, we have created a video that shows the evolution of the agency over the years, right up to the present day. It is a brief overview of our origins, how we work and what our objectives are. The video also aims to connect and network with industry professionals across the globe, in the Middle East and California. 

MC Advertising was created in 1935 and stands out as an agency with an extensive history within the communications and advertising sector. MC has worked with traditional formats: black and white TV, radio, cinema, adverts in printed format, typographic techniques, posters, and even handwritten letters, to mention but a few. 

This experience has become the bedrock of the agency. MC has been evolving and innovating in line with the constant changes in the sector. Today we are a fully phygital 360° agency with local proximity and a marked international focus. 

How did we do it? The constant work of qualified squads that we assign to each new project. And, of course being transcendent.