SIDE Trade fair Drinktec

SIDE, company specialized in solutions for plastic drinking bottles, assigned us to design some materials that they would present at the Drinktec fair in Germany last September. At Mc Advertising we developed the design of the brochures, the trade fair stand and the corporate video that explained the specifications of each machine to clients and potential clients.


The concept and imaginary of the stand followed the corporate lines of SIDE. We play with the shape of the logo and imagotype and give it a meaning in each part of the design of the Stand and the triptychs. We reinforce the SIDE brand with the same product that they manufacture, in this case water bottles.


The brochures for clients and those interested in the stand were thought of the ideal product that SIDE machines make, we associated each machine with a product. We synthesize the information of the machine and associate it.

The corporate video also plays with the concepts of SIDE and corporate colors, and explains the specifications of each machine.


At Mc Advertising we are specialized in the design, proposals and innovation of the international fair and congress sector.

This corporate video represents the essence of SIDE, the type of machinery they design and the solutions for potential clients.