Seven Restaurant

Grup Ítaca is a project of 4 young entrepreneurs that was born in Manresa. Under the concept of “Mediterranean Attitute” they have made their own path by creating a group with different venues with a wide range of leisure, gastronomy and events.

This year, they have opted to set up a new restaurant in Manresa: El Seven Restaurant. A new space that consists of the main room and a Skybar terrace, and that is committed to a quality cuisine with ingredients from the region. A strong point of the Seven Restaurant is its rice dishes. The perfect handling and cooking time together with the differentiation of what is usually offered - incorporating the “Txuletón”, “la llàgrima ibèrica” or the red prawn, among others – they are the winning combination to succeed in the ranking of the establishments with the best rice. According to the space, the conceptualization of the restaurant represents the Mediterranean values and quality of the menu.

Our team has created the entire graphic universe from scratch, establishing a tone and style that connects with the diners of the new space. The result? An image that exudes the elegance and delicacy of their dishes, using the color mustard and black with a serif typography that conveys professionalism.

We continue to give it shape and continuity on his Instagram @seven7restaurant. You can't miss it!