Renolit Iberica

Renolit Iberica, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of single-layer synthetic waterproofing membrane for roofs, is certain about one thing: inequalities and other forms of disrespect have no place in today’s workplace.

To this end, Renolit Iberica’s equality committee has produced a series of initiatives to be implemented this year, encompassing every single aspect of the company: work-home balance, HR selection and recruitment policies, working conditions, internal protection and leadership, non-sexist language and corporate image, occupational health and safety, training and other areas of intervention.

In order to publicize the committee’s initiatives, we’ve created a set of social network profiles that will highlight, in the form of creative posts, the actions, training and protocols that are being implemented to address inequalities in the workplace.

This is a movement instigated by and for workers, in order to send a clear message that their welfare is being looked after in the workplace. And what better way to engage them than through social media!

We leave you with the visual campaign for following the newly created profiles, the image that represents the equality committee of Renolit Ibérica.