Pago Diezdedos
Diezdedos is a premium extra virgin olive oil brand, with a special characteristic that makes it unique in the world: five different olive varieties are cultivated on the same estate, each with its own particular aroma and flavour: arbequinaarronizcorbellaempeltre and frantoio. Thanks to the distinctive organoleptic properties of each variety, the company is able to produce a signature coupage of its EVOO: PAGO Diezdedos.

The exclusive design we’ve created accentuates the “limited edition” product concept. The standout feature of the packaging is the numbering of the 1,333 units. As an added value, we’ve aimed to convey the idea of “liquid gold”, incorporating gold colouring in the form of metallic ink, in combination with a bottle design inspired by premium liquors.

An honest and pure conceptual design that enhances this premium product, faithfully reflecting its unique characteristics in the sector.