The New Ecofur

Aqpel is a company with a long history of production, innovation and marketing in Spanish origin rabbit skins. Ecofur is a team of specialists who work in the company’s sustainable, low-environmental impact manufacturing process.

This is a company that combines history, tradition, innovation and quality and makes each item it produces one that reflects the values of high-quality fashion. Made in BCN.

Large lobbies often hide the reality in some fur-producing sectors, but the standards they hold to are not those of the entire sector, and this is where we come in: showing that in some companies a different ethos is maintained and that quality, fashion and sustainability can and do go hand in hand, as with Aqpel, because its manufacturing process is sustainable and has a low environmental impact; they use and reuse the waste that other industries discard as raw materials.

A message was addressed to fashion designers visiting the Première Vision trade fair in Paris, a three-day event that brings together the six main industries that supply materials and services to the fashion industry.

In the field of communication, we worked on illustrations that conveyed a dry sense of humour, which were accompanied by a short story that reflects today’s world in an accessible way.