Mr Ji Sushi

Mr. Ji Sushi, is not just a restaurant but it is a versatile and original gastronomic experience; an authentic experience. Its culinary offer is differentiated from competitors by having a menu with 180 dishes and by offering a differentiating service from other Asian cuisine restaurants in Vic.

With the logo already defined, we developed the imaginary of the brand, creating visual resources and a structure that would evoke this sensory world that surrounds the Mr. Ji Sushi experience. On one hand, the restaurant is divided into areas that are perfectly differentiated thanks to the decorative elements and the way customers have to interact with this space. The graphic resources have been designed making a synthesis of these elements, obtaining shapes that evoke stones, leaves and water.

On the other hand, the combination of black and gold gives a point of elegance and sets it apart from its competitors. For us it was very important to promote usability, since the web is the essential sales tool for the restaurant. We wanted to make its usability easy and agile, so that users can easily make reservations through all devices. The web design and social networks follow the look & feel created by the brand, thus enhancing the presence and recognition of the brand in the digital environment.