This project arose from the dream of four friends who created a product that blends all the usual basics. It is a careful and well-made product of the quality cuisine which breaks down the barriers that normally come with the emergence of a small brand. What arose was Mikso, a new brand of vegetable crisps. The product of a lifetime.

The crisps are made from potatoes, beetroot (red and grated), parsnips and sweet potatoes. They are blended to perfection and well-cooked, with just the right amount of salt. We worked on the name, which in Esperanto means “mix”. Our packs represent the values of the brand: Mediterranean, natural and simple. Illustrations have been used as they transmit an artisan quality, while also providing a pleasing, different kind of visual language.
This commission involved a small website for a project that is still incipient. Despite this, we can tell you that they are working hard and soon they will bring new flavours.
Don’t miss out. In the meantime you can follow them on social media.
This is a big project for a small brand that will go far. The dream of 4 friends.