Mercat del Ram

This is an identity inspired by the lyrics of the song “Mercat del Ram” (1961) by Josep Font Sellabona, one of the pioneers of popular songs with lyrics in Catalan.

The “Mercat del Ram” is an annual meeting point for the agricultural sector and a celebration for the inhabitants of the city of Vic. Exhibitions, livestock competitions, activities of all kinds: cultural, leisure, sports and commercial are all on show for several days, as well as agricultural products and areas exhibiting Catalan cuisine.

The poster and the visual system of the “Mercat del Ram” has been inspired by Josep Font Sellabona, who was known as the “Troubadour of Catalonia”. The poster represents the festive and agricultural atmosphere in Vic during the fair.
The Frisian cow demonstrates the livestock farming traditions, farm work is depicted by the agricultural machinery and the "Katiusques" that bring the viewer closer to the human factor. All these values, together with the repetition of the word “Ram” (as a traditional verbal code) add a compositional rhythm.
Fotografia: Gao Photos