Behind the Menuari name is a hidden planner that helps clients to organise their meals in a healthy, entertaining way. Parents and children share meal preparation with the combined goals of having fun and eating healthily.

The logo and the visual system bring to mind weekly calendars and planners. The logo is flexible and that allows for variations in shape, while also giving us room to compose food-related words.

A suitcase-pack was developed to serve as a container. The different pieces of the pack and an online store website with the information and recipes are all provided together. The communication concept is both simple and straightforward, and it is based on a logo that evokes a game, with lively, bright colours that are ideal for children. The set of pieces consists of a magnetic board, magnets that depict food items, a book with nutritional information and a suitcase to holds everything – everything to help plan the week. Our job was to shape the proposal of Elisabet Plans, the creator of Menuari.
The concept, design and creation of the Menuari online store. A website was created to provide information, where users can also consult constantly-updated recipes. It is also the platform used for purchasing the Menuari pack.