Hillrom Virtual Challenge

Every year, Hillrom brings the workers of the Spanish hub in a three-day event, where fun is combined with different presentations to evaluate the previous year's trajectory and present the challenges and objectives for the next one.

The challenge for the agency was to entertain users for an hour in a virtual and individual way through an interesting storytelling that related the values of the company.

From MC Advertising we created the Hillrom Virtual Challenge. Under this idea, we developed a phygital action, which consisted of sending a physical KIT to each address that had to be opened to in the virtual play. It contained:
- A welcome card where the instructions and rules of the game were duly explained.
- A corporate mug of the company to use during the "coffee break" of the event.
- A paperweight with a motivational phrase about the event.
- An envelope with the test to write down the answers of the challenge in a physical way.
- An envelope with the results of the test and medals that recognized the merits demonstrated in the questionnaire.

The virtual game was based on the advancing connected care and the values of the company. From an animated video with questions, each worker had to deal with different daily situations, in order to analyze different personal profiles and what skills they brought to the company. The three defined merits were: merit to commitment and respect, merit to responsibility and integrity and merit to results and fun.