Gu Woman

Giving visibility to a new brand is always an enriching challenge. GU came to MC with a clear objetive: to position itself as a brand that empowers women.

GU offers ecologicalhealthy and sustainable feminine hygiene products. It claims the power of women and their freedom to choose among the best products for their bodies, always trying to minimize the impact on the environment.

With all these premises, we started working to define its branding and style. It was clear that had to have a strong descriptive that wakes up a pertinence feeling. Create a community free, awakened and conscious women. We achieved this by placing women in the center and the freedom as a communicative base:

Neither of the women must justify their wishes or their needs. No one has the right to tell them how to live their menstruation. They choose. GU conveys the value of freedom to choose their different sustainable alternatives for their intimate hygiene. GU is honesty, it is naturalness, it is vindication and above all it is sustainability. It is characterized for being a brand that is committed to sustainability and that is why the claim for all its communications had to be linked to the environmental impact:


A clear message with one aim: to bring about a change of attitude in women taking care of their own bodies and the planet.


The brand's star product, the reusable tampon applicator, had to be brought to light in a special way. So after creating the profile on social networks (guwoman_es), we went looking for a WOW effect among the followers, creating expectation with publications where we showed a pack in the form of a box with the product inside.

The pack, inspired by the seabed, seeks to convey the brand's values towards sustainability.