Gelats Alemany

Our sweetest client, Gelats Alemany, needed to strengthen the positioning of the ice cream-making tradition in Catalonia, build awareness of its brand among end consumers and make inroads into business-to-business (B2B) channels (supermarkets, restaurants and ice-cream parlours) in order to distribute its star product: traditional Italian-style ice cream.

The company’s love affair with ice cream goes back a long way; to 1945, to be precise, when its founder Joan Alemany began producing ice cream using the techniques learned from the master ice cream makers of Milan. As such, the starting point for us was to position the company as an industry expert: Ice cream makers since 1945 in Catalonia.

To achieve the new positioning and boost the company’s image among distributors (B2B), we came up with a new graphic image that combined the traditional essence of ice cream making—using the following concept: “We’re the workshop of the best ice cream parlours”—with a more modern and experimental look that remained faithful to the traditional values of the product.

New image, new website

This fresh new image called for a brand new website, so we set about incorporating the new graphic image in a more modern, dynamic website. The design is new but the company’s essence remains intact.

Here at the agency, our mouths are watering with the new range of ice creams produced by the master ice cream maker Alemany!