Frankfood is an original, broad-based culinary. Its charismatic name gives rise to a play on words and from this we extruded a unique graphic system.

A custom typeface was created to develop the logo. Underlining was also used, in a style that echoes the idea of a sauce, and that accompanies brand identity in all the graphics. Words of specific relevance were underlined and patterns created. All these elements unify and enrich the visual system.

We created the meal packaging concepts and other restaurant-based elements (Frankfurter sausages, burgers, potato cones, tablecloths, glasses, etc.) using the brand's language and its unique graphic system: achieving friendly packaging in visual harmony with its environment.
The menu items were photographed using fresh, quality and seasonal products.
The photos were used for the website, with decorative panels in the venue and on the menus, etc. The entire staff was also photographed in action, facilitating a view of the premises and its interior design features.
The restaurant’s website has been designed in a modular way to help update information and to highlight blogs. The design is also supported by an individual use of product photography.
This interior design project was carried out together with the Futur2 team. The aim was to create a warm, modern, personal space. The use of traditional materials in their natural state lends a touch of warmth and authenticity, while also giving the venue a modern feel. The entire room of the restaurant is covered by a backlit structure that acts as an integral feature.
A special language of the restaurant’s own making is found on all its commercial packaging elements, such as boxes for Frankfurter sausages, hamburgers or sandwiches, potato cones, glasses, etc. These are adorned with phrases in an informal, carefree and informative tone. One example is the "Ten Commandments for being a good Frankophile" as well as phrases written on the backlit screens that create an intimate, friendly environment for a good time.