In The Frames

“In The Frames” is a photographic, post-production studio that specialises in products for experts. It presents its stock in an attractive, elegant and innovative manner.

The end result of their projects is derived from a primary, seamless, separate image, a context is then created and the image is merged with it. The entire process is carried out by a team of expert photographers, illuminators, stylists and digital architects, who use computer graphics and retouching to make an end result with guaranteed impact.

In order to transmit professionalism and confidence, we have opted for sober and elegant visual communication, while the slightly irreverent communicative tone lends security to the brand. The typographic treatment used visually contrasts with the images made by the company.

The numbers that accompany the logo symbolise the entire creative process involved in the photographic methodology used, one that consists of 3 steps, and which gives the logo a sense of uniqueness and value.

The creative process involves 3 steps:


Taking photos of the product. The team moves to the product location and creates and puts together the right set for the photo shoot.


Creating the atmosphere. The infographics team works with the latest innovations and artificially builds the context imagined, producing amazing effects.


Merging. The product is placed in the context created. The parameters (colour, tone, saturation) are adjusted, advanced retouching and the appropriate details are then added so as to achieve the desired result.