Digital Pioneers - Cholera Outbreak

The Digital Pioneers 'Cholera Outbreak' project is the first chapter in a saga of stories that cover a very specific need of MSF: to generate a double tool for users aimed at different NGO action points. One of them is used for learning digital skills, and the other to know how to act in an emergency, in this case a cholera outbreak.

This one consists of two elements totally linked and interrelated, a set of analog pieces that lead the user to the second element, the digital one. Both pieces should stimulate learning and, at the same time, create a speech or story for the person performing it.

Firstly, users receive a pack with the following items: a welcome leaflet which contains further information on the project; an envelope with instructions in order to carry out the digital sceneries and, lastly, the device with which they will have to interact.

An apparently simple, explanatory and intuitive design is carried out taking into consideration that the target audience is not familiar with digital technology.
In order to successfully accomplish the activity, the device will display the accurate instructions to be followed.

Some digital skills that the user must acquire with this project are scrolling on a screen, clicking a button or doing drag&drop.



The first attempt took place in Nigeria in 2018. It was very useful to show evidence of the project effectiveness and to assess the goals achieved.