Diezdedos is a premium brand that produces extra virgin olive oil in an artisanal way, with the methodology
of organic farming. A process that is obtained through the most modern olive extraction techniques, preserving
all its organoleptic and nutritional properties. Following the concept of the Diezdedos brand developed at MC Advertising, we have designed a new generation of labels for the bottles of its latest vintage.

The Diezdedos concept: signature oil that leaves its mark

The inspiration that marked the starting point of the project was, on the one hand, the orography
of the land that has a liquid form, and on the other, the fingerprint that recalls that artisan process of oil
production. With this starting point, we gave life to different shapes and colors to represent each of the 5 varieties:
Empeltre, Arroniz, Corbella, Arbequina and Frantoio.

In the creation of this new graphic line, we wanted to highlight more clearly what makes the Diezdedos
brand unique in the world: within their farm they have adapted different cultivation spaces with the ideal
conditions for each species of olive tree. In this way, it is possible to maintain the authentic aroma and taste
of each variety of oil. We had to promote such a particular characteristic, right?

With this premise, we have given more prominence to the name and color of each variety, achieving groundbreaking labels, very lively and modern, which undoubtedly stand out within the oil sector.