Diezdedos is a premium brand of extra virgin olive oil. It is also a unique product, as to make the oil, 5 different varieties of olives are grown in the same grove, each lending the oil its own accent and flavour.

The inspiration that launched the project was the land, visualised in a liquid format. This was combined with the idea of a fingerprint-like symbol, recalling the lines made by olive tree terraces on the land, and reflecting the brand name “Diezdedos” (Ten Fingers) in Spanish.
This is a "liquid logo" that takes on different forms in order to present the natural aspects of the product: the concentric shapes trace the contour lines of the area where the 5 varieties of olives are grown and from where Diezdedos obtains its oils.

They also represent the fingerprints that we relate to traditional working practices, the brand name and the signature olive oil concept, that ‘leaves its mark'.

All of these concepts helped us to design delicate, premium bottles that portrayed the values of the brand. Five varieties were represented in five bottles, each with their own ‘markings’.
Alongside the creation of the brand, the packaging and the website, we also worked on the art direction of the photographs, which aim to emphasize the artisanal process of harvesting and transforming the olives into oil.
MC Advertising developed the concept, the design of the identity, the packaging, the website and the catalogue. All the items use certain colours, carefully-selected typography and art direction that reflects the craft process.