Danube is one of the oldest laundry manufacturers in Europe. Based in France, it has been manufacturing equipment since 1947.

After more than 10 years trusting MC for the design and printing of graphic materials, this 2021 we have taken on the challenge of redefining the brand's graphic architecture.

Professionalism, innovation, hygiene, sustainability and solutions are the principles on which we have based ourselves.

The new graphic architecture includes a compositional base, a set of graphic elements and a new key element: a "D" that emerges from the synthesis of the logo, creating a very striking and strongly identifiable shape that can be used to focus content or as a container of information.

The compositional base plays strongly with the shape of the image containers, which have a certain inclination on one of their sides. This creates a very quick visual identification and generates interesting compositional spaces. The typography and corporate colors do the rest.

This new graphic architecture has been applied to the 2021 catalogs and tariffs, to the social networks and also to the new products.

As for the catalogs, the challenge was to differentiate the product catalogs from the solutions catalogs and from the most innovative catalogs: IoT and efficiency.

The covers have been the key element for differentiation, always maintaining the same basic structure and corporate back covers.

In the case of the product catalogs, we sought a conceptual image based on nature that evokes the functions of each product. This has generated an easy differentiation of the catalogs and a different but coherent visual line.

The solution catalogs use a different compositional margin on the covers and the images contain some element of human factor. They have a tone more similar to the actual application of the solution.

To establish more innovative and conceptual catalogues that talk more about abstract concepts (IoT and efficiency), we have opted for more abstract covers, playing with color gradient backgrounds and giving prominence to the brand itself; somehow, the new "D" specifies that we are dealing with the efficiency of Danube, the IoT of Danube.