Simm Serveis

Simm is a leading real estate company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and a long-standing client portfolio. They perfectly know their area of influence and they are more than familiar with their market and their personal client relationship.

They work on an exclusive, sole-management basis, representing bidirectional commitment, while building trust on a basis of commitment, dedication, perseverance and rigorous work right up to the moment of sale.

All these inputs were taken into account in their last service campaign. The aim was to convey all the values mentioned above and to explain in an innovative, unconventional way those services offered by the company. This has been done on a personal, one-to-one communication basis, using well-known icons and leading references, comparing them to the estate agency.

The lion is viewed as a courageous animal. SIMM is a courageous property agent which innovates in services that promote sales.

Albert Einstein is considered to be the most important scientist of the 20th century in the world. SIMM is considered to be the most important real estate agent of the 21st century in Osona.

She is always there. SIMM too; we travel throughout Osona constantly because we like to know what's going on nearby, we stay close to people.

A series of adverts were created along the same communication axis, which were designed to be published in various sector magazines.