We bleed. We choose.

After the launch of the GU WOMAN brand, they need a brand awareness and recognition campaign that would be vindicating and would give more voice to all women who live their periods freely.

Taking freedom of choice as a starting point, "WE BLEED, WE CHOOSE" was born with a clear message: only you can choose how to live your period

A movement that values the freedom that all women have to decide about their own body and way of life. A movement that encourages all women to live a free and conscious menstruation, being able to choose among the intimate hygiene alternatives offered by GU with the REUSE range.





With different messages, GU claims to make the right decisions, healthy for our bodies and sustainable for the planet we live in. Women can act and now is the time to do it by betting on ecofriendly products, such as their 100% organic cotton tampons or their menstrual cup.

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