This project involved the design and artistic direction for a packaging line of prepared and fresh dishes in which sea bass is the main ingredient. Each label highlights the product inside the package with a photograph and its type, with different colours for each illustration.

Nine different packages has been created: Ravioli stuffed with sea bass in Provencal herbs, sea bass with Galician chamomile, sea bass spirals, sea bass with mushroom and soy sauce, sea bass lasagne, pickled sea bass, sea bass brandade, sea bass hamburger and a sea bass sausage.

These products have been developed and optimised as part of the Acuaneo project. This initiative was funded by the Agrarian Research Institute (INIA), Project RTA2013-00075-C03-01, entitled “The Development of New products from Aquaculture Fish Stocks”, by researchers at the Institute for Research and Agricultural Technologies – the IRTA in Monells (Girona).

Photography: Ivan Raga.