Home delivery service, an initiative to boost local commerce

Considering the current situation caused by the covid-19, Vic Comerç has promoted an initiative to promote local commerce by offering home delivery. The Federation of associations of traders in Vic aims to promote and diffuse trade and restoration of the Catalan municipality, and thus, achieve a compact and sustainable city.

Vic Comerç requested our services to achieve the promotion of the new project, unifying the identity from three own activities of the entity: home service, urban card and purchase Vic Comerç. Among its objectives was also present to promote the activity and that its image was identifiable in the offline and online media.

From MC, we decided to carry out several communication actions to achieve the needs of our client. We created a launching campaign through social networks and offline pieces. In this way, we managed to make known the three promotions offered by the client. To achieve the recognition of the image with the identity, we created a distinctive for each activity. Besides, we planned the contents of the social networks for the Vic Comerç profile and from this project, we currently manage the monthly content of the @servei_a_domicili profile.