VIWAR, the new augmented reality app

MC Advertising of Los Angeles has boosted a new augmented reality startup

MC Advertising Los Angeles, within this favorable context of technological development, bets to create a new startup: Viwar, an app for Android and iOS that allows to give life to the traditional offline format thanks to augmented reality.

This innovative bet in advertising is born with the aim of giving value to the paper format and encourage its digitization, redirecting users on the website or social networks of advertisers.

Augmented reality is the transformation of a static image into an augmented, interactive and moving content through a mobile device.

With the Viwar app, the user will be able to visualize static content in an interactive format, such as magazines, catalogs, newspapers, advertisements...

In MC Advertising we continue our commitment to be phygitals in order to offer our clients a wide range of communicative solutions.

Download the app and enjoy augmented reality!