Trade fairs and congresses 2022

At MC Advertising, after an intense year, we have become both earning and forced to accompany our clients to major events, here in Spain and internationally. It is there, in these crowds, with the stands, the triptych and all the corporate visual image that we elaborate for our clients, on the companies that work with us, such as: COMEXI to K fair, DNC packaging to Hispack, SIDE Machines to Drinktec, Serra Elevators and KAIS Software.


What is important? It is important to know how to dedicate time to the truly relevant things in life, to the little details that make the difference. For us as an agency, the face to face is one of these important things.


According to the forecasts of Hosteltour, the fair and congress sector will generate an impact in Spain of 19,000 million euros. Màlaga, Madrid or Barcelona are among the preferred cities at European level to establish fair trades or congress.


If you have a project and vols that you assess, we will be delighted to meet with you.