Third-party cookies disappear from the Chrome browser in 2021

Google announced in January that third party cookies will disappear from the Chrome browser in 2021. For us, this will mean losing several digital marketing tools: Facebook Pixel, similar or personalized audiences, conversion tracking, ad optimization or retargeting.

The solution to avoid losing them is the "API Conversion". The key is to keep all the data collected on our website servers. Therefore, the function of this Facebook tool is to register and share the events that occur on our website, from our servers to those of Facebook. In this case, the data is collected by our website's server, and not by the Chrome browser. In this way, if the browser blocks data from our Pixel, it will continue to reach the Facebook servers.

Currently, the Conversion API is used as additional support to improve the accuracy of our browser. If we want to improve the performance of our Pixel, it is necessary to take advantage of it to configure it. There are three different ways to configure the Facebook API Conversion: Manually, if we are willing to write code, delegating the task to a developer, or using a partner integration like Zapier or Integromat.
The last method is the easiest and most economical, since it is not necessary to write code and we can do it ourselves, following the instructions of the partner we choose.

The implementation of the Conversion API is recommended to be done as soon as possible, to improve the performance of our Pixel. Besides, we will be ready for when it disappears.

If you want to know more information about the Conversion API and how to configure it, you can access the official Facebook article by clicking here or contact us at