Sert en Flames Exhibition

Design and production of the exhibition Sert en Flames

Vicpuntzero is a reconceptualization of the architectural space of the “Pietat de Vic” that summarizes 2,000 years of history of the Catalan city. Vic pays tribute to the painter of the twentieth century, Josep M. Sert, with a route that allows you to visit his extensive work that he did in the city. The exhibition opened its doors to the public last Sunday, December 20, and can be visited until June 20, 2021.


From the agency, we have been in charge of the design and production of the exhibition, called “Sert en Llamas”. Curated and designed by Anna Alcubierre, with the collaboration of Pep Barcons, Dolores M. Alemany, Ignasi and Marc, Jordi Castaño, and UTILestructures.