Sant Jordi by MC Advertising

"You stop the timings" and much more. This Sant Jordi we have dedicated a campaign to all our customers.

The Diada de Sant Jordi is to celebrate love with your partner, with your family, with your friends ... But this year from MC Advertising we also celebrate love for our clients. For this we have written an ode full of love phrases, but in our own way: using words from the advertising jargon.

Ode to our dear clients:

You are the inspiration for my brainstorming.

You stop the timings.

You are the lead of my dreams.

I want to keep creating storytellings by your side.

You are the jingle I can't get out of my head.

Thank you for giving us new challenges every day, for filling the agency with life, for inspiring us, for bringing out our creativity and ingenuity day after day. In short, thank you for trusting us!