New visual system for Brisas Barcelona

Armadans Sancho, a company that is characterized by being heritage managers, has exclusive promotions of three 7-storey buildings on Diagonal Mar. The promotion is called: Brises Diagonal Mar. As a result of this opportunity, they rely on MC Advertising to enhance the company's image for future buyers and customers.

From here, we create a brand system that responds to their values, serves to enhance them and differentiate themselves from the rest. A well-known system that allows all the pieces to be identified with the brand.

We create the image and concept of two campaigns, starting with brand positioning and ending with the promotion of the exclusive (Brises).

We value the following attributes: Property managers, job well done, they are different, they deliver the flats with good finishes.

Positioning and brand image

Real estate promotion showing the brand

We are the reference

We are the alternative

We are solutions

We are close

We are the future

We are a great team

We are the consultants

We are efficient

We are the success

We are your administrators

The "WE ARE" connects the two campaigns and gives us continuity. On the one hand, we position the brand through powerful headlines that define brand values. On the other hand, with the promotional campaign, the tagline keeps us what we ARE.