Marketplace: What is and why do you need it

I'm sure you've heard a lot about the Marketplace lately. That's why MC Advertising tells you what it consists of and the advantages it has for your company to use it.


What is the Marketplace?


The Marketplace concept is not new, as it started to emerge in Latin America in 2012 and today many large companies use these platforms to sell their products online. To put it briefly, a Marketplace is an e-commerce website where multiple vendors sell their products. Examples of Marketplace include Amazon, Google Shopping, Aliexpress, Zalando...You will probably notice that when you buy on one of these platforms, you see that the vendor behind it is not always the same owner of the website. Joining a single portal makes it easier for users to purchase different items that need not have connection to each other. Allows the user to find everything they are looking for within a single website.


What is the difference between an ecommerce and a Marketplace?


In essence, ecommerce is just the purchase and sale of goods and services using the Internet. Basically, you, as a user, access a store's website, choose a product and buy it. The product in question is advertised, sold and shipped by the store itself. More technical terms: The B2C (Bussiness to Consumer) concept is used that relates directly to the end consumer with the company.In the case of a Marketplace, it is a platform where several companies gather for the sale of their products. It could be compared to a virtual shopping centre. You can log into the X store website and choose a product that is being sold and shipped by the I store. The marketplace, is not responsible for shipping or warranty. In this way there is interaction between the customer and the company at the time of purchase, and also between the companies and the platform. What would be a combination of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C).


Source of marketplace


There are two types of marketplace depending on the products that can be purchased there. On the one hand, there's the vertical marketplace, where you're going to find a lot of products, but all of them from a specific subject, like for example, Etsy, a website that focuses on the sale of artisanal, vintage or collector's items. And, on the other hand, horizontal marketplaces, where the catalog is based on various products without connection to each other, for example the Amazon case.

Marketplace advancements for your company: 

- Concentrating different products and brands in one place allows the consumer to compare prices, products and brands in the same place and finally opt for what best suits him.


- Marketplace allows your product to be recommended as a company when the customer is looking at similar products.

- Purchase is easy, comfortable and safe, since through a single payment it can be bought in different stores.


If you need to launch your brand into electronic commerce, contact us. We'll be happy to advise you.