Exhibition "El Paral·el de l’Emperadriu" at the TNC

MC Advertising is in charge of the graphic design of the exhibition "El Paral·el de l’Emperadriu"

On May 6th the play “L’Emperadriu del Paral·lel" by Lluïsa Cunillé opens at the TNC. A piece that places us in the 30s, shortly before the proclamation of the Second Republic. It relives the death of Barcelona's most beloved and acclaimed artist: Palmira Picard. The play is set in the bar "La Tranquilidad" where all kinds of bohemian characters, intellectuals, lunatics gather to remember the Empress of the Parallel, at a time of peak of the Catalan theater.

From the agency, we have been in charge of the graphic design of the exhibition linked to the show called "El Paral·el de l’Emperadriu". We have worked together with its curators Albert Arribas and Ferran Dordal and with Anna Albubierre (espai_e) responsible for the conceptualization and design.

The exhibition takes a look at some of the most emblematic figures linked to the Barcelona avenue, who appear in the work of Lluïsa Cunillé and who played a very important role in the emergence of mass culture in Catalonia. Some of them are little known nowadays in spite of the success of the past, as for example the mime Adams, the clown Ramper or the actress and singer Purita Montoro.

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