Digital advertising: different paths and platforms

Advertising or digital communication acquires more weight in the annual marketing plans of large and medium-sized enterprises. What exactly does digital advertising mean? Well, we can explain you.

It would be digital advertising all those techniques of diffusion, promotion and communication of payment of a company or brand that launches in the network. The Internet provides companies with different channels through which to help the different potential customers of companies, who use such advertising, receive their content. The Internet, through the cookies and the searches we make, creates a profile of its users and with it, automatically generates advertising of the things for which we seem to be potential customers. Today there are different digital advertising paths that will adapt to the needs of each company. We present the 6 that for us are most interesting.

- Native advertising → It is characterized for being integrated into the content or platform where it is published. It does not interrupt the navigation of the receiver and it is good to be able to develop our creativity and to surprise the public.
- Email Marketing → These campaigns would enter here where users are offered to download content, in exchange for giving their email. In this way, as a company you generate a database of leads interested in your products and, as the base grows, it will be divided into more specialized groups.
- Social Ads → This is one of the most interesting formats, since it has millions of users and allows you to reach a target audience. Using advertising on social networks maximizes, in an exaggerated way, the presence of your company. Each social network has its own Ads, so we encourage you to investigate more on them and even combine them.
- Display → Display is known as any visual advertising element that is placed on a website, blog, portal... The banners or pop-ups of a lifetime, wow. Although in recent times this format has been affected by ad blockers, it is worth continuing to bet on them and design them to be interesting and attractive, so that they are worth seeing.
- Online retargeting → If you have ever wondered what cookies do, now we summarize it in a simple way: they give the recapitulated information to retargeting so that it shows you the ads that are supposed to interest you in your searches. Everything so that the advertising of the companies that work with this tool succeed and you buy or hire their services.
- SEM → It works thanks to the keywords that users search for. From this, show your company's advertising to those people who have searched for something similar to what you do as a company.

Whichever you choose, the importance of advertising is not just that it exists; if not that it attracts attention, that it does not become heavy and that leads the user to want to pay more attention to it. If you are not creative when developing the campaigns, it will be difficult to reach the number of possible clients that you want. Using more than one of them is also a great option.

We can advise you, shall we talk?